Sugar-crusted Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon French Toast

scft_thumbGood morning, even though it's 2:29pm! But hopefully, this greeting will find you in good spirits early one morning when you decide to recreate this amazing and decadent dish. I don't know anyone who doesn't love french toast. In order to be my friend, it is required that you love french toast, otherwise...we can't kick it. You're waiting for me to say "just kidding", but you'll be waiting a long damn time lol.

The Juiciest Turkey Burger Ever

tkbg_thumbWe're in the middle of Hurricane Irene here in Northern Virginia, and she's blowing pretty hard and bringing a crapload of rain with her. It's only appropriate that we devour a turkey burger as moist as the weather is right now. The only time I've ever had a dry turkey burger might have been all those frozen Jenny-O turkey patties. They just...nah..those won't do lol. However, when creating my own turkey burger, I've never had an issue with dryness. I learned how to make a "slap-ya-mama" juicy turkey burger many years ago and I've kept up the practice. I also do this with regular beef. You too, can successfully build a moist, juicy and extremely flavorful turkey burger in the privacy of your own home, and here's how...

Cinnamon Swirl Biscuits w/ a Buttery Maple Glaze…and bacon!

csb_thumbI love biscuits, and I love cinnamon rolls. So I decided to combine the two. This method is a whole helluva lot faster, and I'm a glutton for deliciousness! These are insane. I'm not even kidding. One bite, and everything wrong in your world will just suddenly be right. You won't even care that your boyfriend forgot your name, or that your wife accidentally spilled nail polish remove all over your brand new iPad. Well...that might be a stretch, but you'll at least forgive her a little faster if she makes these for you ;)

Heavenly Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger

bsb_thumbI've made a lot of burgers. Lots. They're always delicious. But this one here? This one is my personal favorite. I didn't wanna share the recipe, to be honest. It was that delicious! I bit into it, and seriously felt like I was being embraced by Jesus himself. I had to put it down and just shake my head like, wow, did I really make this?? I sure as hell did, and you can to ;)

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream

rvc_thumbI work very close to an absolutely delicious spot called Red Velvet Cupcakery in DC and they truly have the best red velvet cupcakes in DC, hands down. I've tasted the red velvet cupcakes at every spot in DC, and none of them come remotely close to the scrumptious deliciousness of Red Velvet Cupcakery's. They're incredible, all praises due. Howeverrrrrrrr....

Slammin’ Salmon BLT with Cornmeal Onion Rings

salmonblt_thumbI love seafood. I could legit live off seafood *record scratch* -- actually, throw in some turf (steak) and maybe that'll be a reality. I love my cow, but we'll get into that later. Anyway, yea...seafood is my boo. I also love sandwiches. Big and small, wide and tall, I love'em all. Almost anything between two slices of bread is probably gonna put you two steps closer to God, but this sandwich might get you there a little faster. I cried a salty tear of bliss as I ate this sandwich in the fetal position of my living room. Don't judge me.

Vicious Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

vbc_thumbVanilla is everything. Vanilla just makes everything better. That gentle, yet decadent aroma just invades my nostrils and senses and makes me feel like kissing someone. The sweetest most aromatic scent ever. I even have a lot of vanilla-based perfumes. I can't get enough of the stuff, it's a problem. I know I sound like I'm describing some super hot guy and you're probably thinking "She oughtta get laid already", but y'all just don't understand how much I adore all things vanilla.

The “Big Meech” Burger

bmb_thumbTruth be told, I don’t even know who the hell “Big Meech” is. I do however, like the name “big meech” for a burger because it's fitting. I am known for making big ridiculous man-burgers that will make him eat out the palm of your hand. He'll be so happy and so full that he might even fall asleep watching Sports Center, giving you time to catch up on whatever mind-numbing reality TV show you're obsessing over these days lol.

Lasagna Rolls

a yummy spin on an italian favoriteWho doesn't love lasagna? If you don't, I'm judging you! But seriously, this is a really great recipe for you lasagna lovers out there, who may want to put a different spin on it. This is a slightly dumbed-down version of my own lasagna recipe, converted into cute little rolls. I took out a lot of complicated steps and complex ingredients so that you first-time mini-chefs can do this without feeling like a total failure. I am giving you the basics here, so that you can customize to your liking. Be creative and make this recipe yours.

Fabulously Lazy Lemon & Vanilla Bean Pancakes

lemonvanillapancakes_thumbI may love making just about everything from scratch, but I am not above "just add water" pancake mix. However, I rarely "just add water"...I almost always add something amazing to it so that I'm actually enjoying my dusty box of pancake mix. This is a great recipe for those days when you're out of everything you need to make homemade pancake batter -- like I usually am...